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Feel like a failed engineer


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Hi there, I found this site recently and seem's like a good place to vent and share my frustrations and ask for opinions in my current unemployed life.


I have been unemployed since mid July, being let go two and half months into starting an entry level quality engineer position; this was my second engineer job post college (fall of 2010) and has left a blow to my self confidence. Every day I have been looking and trying to apply jobs but of course the economy and change in demands for labor my quest goes unsatisfied.


My first engineer job I was terminated after five months due to internal politics and the company being controlled by the most idiotic selfish I ever had the displeasure of working for, since my termination over a complete half ass excuse five other engineers either quit or were terminated as well.


Overall i guess my frustration stems from two things: 1) A diploma doesn't guarantee a job obviously from lack of experience but the title itself doesn't seem to be impressive anymore, and 2) i felt like i wasted my time when I could be doing something else.


Granted i majored in engineering technology manufacturing instead of a mechanical engineer, I wish I was more capable of handling the mathematics and maybe I wouldn't be handicapped as the second stringer engineer. At becoming 28 years of age soon I can't help but feel I'm losing to my friends who's lives are further ahead, part of me has lost any kind of pride of saying what I studied and worked for to be where i am today.


Part of me feels angry that the colleges over sell these diplomas knowing the job market doesn't have support for these kind of graduates and the other half to be angry about is companies are no longer true in wanting to build workers from the ground up anymore. Politics, greed, what ever happened to good old days of making a good product and keeping your workers happy?


I think I reached all I could say but hearing feedback from others can help keep my spirits up as I look for work.

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I got out of the race years ago. I'm now playing with kids a decade younger but in the same job. Lucky punks who got it right...meanwhile, I went to college...what a waste!


You just have to keep applying for new jobs, taking what jobs you can do and doing them well. Don't worry about The Race.

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