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insecure coworkers...


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Recently, a few people around me have gotten promoted except for me and a few others. To make a long story short, I asked my boss where I can improve, etc, etc, and after about 6 months very recently, to my surprise he gave me a new job title and submitted the new job description to Human Resources. (I have not received the new job title yet because this happened only about a week ago).


Anyway, I told one of the guys who had received a promotion earlier, but he did not seem too enthused. He acted insecure and made negative comments like, "Oh, I would just leave the company, he's not giving you anything". Or, "I doubt your new job title will go through. I don't know why you're getting your hopes up high"


He makes such negative comments while kissing up to the boss, and telling everyone how grateful he is that *he* got promoted.

But why can't he be happy for me??


Here's the thing - I don't understand why even people who have gotten promoted would act so insecure when they see other people trying to move up. Does anyone here understand that psychology?

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