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Boyfriend is critiquing my diet?


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I'm really confused by his behavior.

Tonight I got home from working 8 hours, he didn't work today, and right away he asks me if I'm up for working out . Like, right now.

This is pretty random.

I said no, I'm tired and I'm also on my period, which makes everything about 10x worse.

He goes on to get mad at me. basically overall he says that I need to eat healthier and workout all the time.

I have been actively trying to eat healthier this past month. It's kind of difficult but I'm making slow progress and I thought I was doing okay. Apparently not to him. (Keep in mind that his favorite foods are pizza and burgers, and he's very very picky about food- anything I suggest or that I like he thinks is gross.)

I tell him that I've been making efforts to eating more healthy but he doesn't believe me "based off of what's in the garbage can every night."

I'm not even overweight. I'm 5'6" and around133-135 lbs. he's fairly athletic, not overweight, but it's not like he exercises and eats all that well either...

he says no one wants to be with someone who doesn't care about how they look.

What am I supposed to say to that...?

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Tell him to shut his trap if he doesn't want to see the door.


Don't let a guy tell you to exercise or what to eat. If you were overweight, or had health issues, and he was coming from a place of concern (like my mom does with me) that would be different. But it doesn't sound like he's coming from that place.


I'm 5'3" and 240 pounds. I have A LOT of weight to lose. But I would NEVER let a man tell me what to eat or that I should exercise (I am working on losing weight, have lost 20 pounds in last 2.5 months, but I'm doing that because I want to, and I have arthritis in my knees and the weight loss is helping reduce the pressure on them).


Do not let him talk to you like that. It's wrong.

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Take a look into the crystal ball here...


chances are if you continue to stay with him he will become more emotionally abusive. He seems to be far more concerned about your looks than anything else and I don't think that's going to help to build longevity between you two.

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