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Somebody humor me here....

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Alright....if someone could help me out here, I would really appreciate it! I went on my first "date" yesterday for the first time in 5 1/2 years. Bear in mind that I was with someone for 5 years....hence why I was out of the loop for so long...lol. Anyways, this was someone I had met online. We had talked for about 2 weeks before I met him yesterday. We went for coffee and dessert at a cute little place. We both had plans with our friends after the meeting. So, we had coffee for about 2 1/2 hours. Nothing went wrong...nor did I have a bad feeling about the date in general. There were a few things in his body language that I noticed. For 1, his pupals were dialated the whole time...his body seemed relaxed in gerenal....I didn't notice any negative body postures. We both smiled and laughed a lot. About half way through he got up and paid for everything (which I didn't expect at all...I did bring money!). Later on he said "wow, it's quarter to six already!"....I was like "yeah, I just noticed that...do you have to go meet your friends now?" And he said "Well...soon, I have 15 more minutes". Anyways....when he left at 6....he said, "alright, well, I will see you later". This threw me a bit....simple because he didn't express the fact of wanting to see me again...or promising to call or anything.


Anyways....earlier today...I sent him a thank you email. Just saying thank you for yesterday...telling him I owed him one, and to call me if he wanted. I did this, obviously to be polite, and to throw it out there, that if he wanted to call he could...but if not, oh well.


So he emailed me back...and said "Hey. Sorry it's been a busy weekend, give me a call tomorrow around 5 ".



Now I am a little confused. I don't understand why he apologized....it's not like I expected him to call ASAP or something. Second of all...I said "give me a call if you'd like"...meaning...if he wants to call he can...I didn't mean "hey can I call you"...or something...so I don't know why he specifically asked me to call at a certain time. Also...like I said, the date went well....but it wasn't absolutely mind blowing or something like that (for me anyways)....although I did notice his gaze drift to my chest a few times...lol. Anyways...Like I said, it's been awhile since I went on a date....so if anyone can help me decipher...I would really, really appreciate it!!!

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Hey stargazer,


Getting back in the loop after a long break eh? I can testify to that. Sounds like everything went splendid. From his actions, it seems like he is interested in you. The apologetic e-mail was a good sign I think. I don't really know what else to say, looks like everything went well and to just continue on from there.


You noticed his pupils were dialated the whole time? LOL



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Nicholascrack: Yes, when the pupils are dilated (regardless of the room lighting) it is a signal that the other person is attracted to you. (not the only one though)


Now for everone else...I was trying to think of a way to put it clearer. I guess what I was trying to say earlier was that is was a very casual "date". I guess I just don't know how to tell when someone is just being friendly, or when they are attracted to you and want to get to know you better. That is the part that I am struggling with....does he just think I am cool to hang around....or does is there a possibility of wanting something more. So again, any input would be appreciated.....thank you to Lily and nicholas for thier replies!

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Talked to him tonight for a bit. At one point we were talking about food and I had said "that cheesecake was the first thing that is "junkfood" that I have had in about 2 months". He then asked if I liked it. I said it was really good, thanks again. Then he said "Well, next time we should go to ____ restaurant" (A really well known place here). I said, that would be cool.


Here's the funny thing. We chatted a bit more...then his call waiting went. He came back to me and said "well I gotta go" I was like "okay, I'll talk to you later". Then he said "okay, bye".


I don't understand why he is so abrupt.....it makes me think he is not interested. Does anyone get this? He did this at coffee....and on the phone. COnfused! Any help would be appreciated!

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