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im obsessing. help!

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Told my ex to never contact me again after a series of bad exchanges ( text and phone call ) been in NC for a week after bad exchange..previously was in in NC for 2 months ( until he messaged me scathing email)


So iM sipping my coffee and checking my FB this morning and I stumble on a picture a mutual friend posted of them hanging out. ( I have dleted, blocked ect ) but he ended up appearing on my newsfeed.


I would not tell anyone in my life how long I sat at my computer and just stared at the picture..trying to figure out who he is now..what he is thinking..he looks so different now..im a bit saddened today I guess...from seeing that picture..he has totally moved on I think..and neither of us wants anything to do with the other ( well I hope to be friends but he vetoed that by acting so poorly )



My question: Why the hell am I obsessing over this picture of him??????

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