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My friend met a guy on dating site. They had a great first date that lasted few hours, after that he asked if she wanted to come over so he would show her the house he lives in. She said no and he just drove her home but still asked if she had a choice where would she rather stay , at his house where it would be only him and her or at her flat that she shares with flatmates. She said she didn't think it was a proper question on first date but nice try. They kissed in the car and he was a bit touchy. He texted her the next day and said she should come over and sort his shoes out as they had a conversation about horrible shoes that ppl wear in general. She said that maybe some other time but asked if he wanted to meet up for lunch or coffee on Friday . He texted back. Friday lunch sounds good but Thursday night and Friday morning sounds better . They went for lunch but now she is just annoyed that he is trying to get her to come over every time they text. It looks like he only wants sex , right ?

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