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Shy or what


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I often see this dude staring at me and only a few times he makes a move like he wil talk to me himself.....

He will look away if i catch him stare. We talk on and off face to face. Im tge only girl he talks to. But for 2 weeks he didnot show up to studio. But I added him on fb. He didnoot accept for 7 8 days then later he did. Then at the auditions i was looking for people to sign up and I saw him come towards me so i said hey and we chit chatted and he told me the reason why he didnot come to college.

After that i saw him stare alot at me. He also said he might sign up for auditions so over the weekend i msged on fb whether he wants to act? And he didnt respond.


Its weird i felt hurt. My friends tell me he stares at me and i noticed too. And he would also talk to me very nicely and im glad im.the only girl he talks to and i sort of know hes a liitle shy . Also when we both talk he doesnot look me in the eye.


Is he playing hard to get? If hes not interested why does he look at me, why will he glance and look away, and why will he ask me random questions when we talk. Etc also he wud ignore me the other time completely. And if he looks away completely he would not say hi like a normal guy friend would



Like one time i was right infront of him with tye coffee machine and he would cross me and look back to his friend and walk away not even saying hi......... and when he walks very far he would look back at me.

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I don't think he is play any games. In terms of the Facebook friend request, some people are not on FB a lot and so they do not check it requests very often. Friend requests are not any gauge of someone's interest in you unless they are obsessively contacting you via that platform.


I understand you are unsure what his thought processes are and thus you are not sure if he is sending you signals.


My best advice as someone that is/was shy, do you feel interested in him? Do you feel enough interest to go on a date?


If the answer to both is yes, then ask him out instead of waiting for him to make a move as it seems unlikely he will.


How old are you guys? Is this the same guy you had feelings for and then went on a 6 month relationship?

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