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Need Male Dumpers Perspective


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sorry if english is not very good. not my first language.


I need an answer from male dumpers. If you broke up with your gf, and she begged you, is it a turn off?


i begged my ex for 2 days to take me back. he was cruel and rude to me. really uncaring and seems to enjoy that im hurting.

I asked him if he still loves me. he said no. this is after 2 days of break up.


he said i should find some one else and entertain other guys coz that's what's he's doing. he's chatting with other women now.


This guy was really, like head over heels inlove with me. i feel like he is possessed now. he totally changed.

We're in an ldr. He's a seafarer/seamerchant.


what do you think of this situation? is there a chance he will get back with me if i go NC? or do you think he really doesnt love me anymore?

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I think he has found another girl of interest or rather another girl that he is more interested in than you. He acted like and said that he loved you but he does not. I would not beg him to get back with you anymore and would try to break contact with him as best as your heart will allow. Begging never helps in this case he is on a power trip and you very weak. He knows he has the upper hand. I would take his advice as it sounds like in this case it does have your best interest in mind and leave him alone, give yourself time to cry, pick up what's left of your heart and move on.

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