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Confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So read and gimmie some advice plzzz!!!


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K. So. If you read my last post you'll get to understand the trail that this 1 is on. So If you havn't please go read it Other than my last post I'm from jamaica so i dont know how anyother country outside the caribbean does this. My on and off again boyfriend hardly ever has credit on his, hardly buys phone cards to get to text and call me and to say we live in the same community even though I hardly get out of the house it feels like I'm in an long distance relationship. I'm not making him look like the villian I stopped calling and texting him for a month now cause I dont want to be clingy. When we started out together i was in a relationship and i didnt want to be mean so i kept him on the side (but hardly spoke to him) until my bf and I broke up that was almost 2yrs ago. My best friend tackled him about him not avoiding is ex (who is one of the relationships problem) she said he did not reply she was very aggressive though and she said that she texted him another time "hey wats up" and she said he took 4ever to reply (thats my othe rproble with him too and he always does it ever since he stopped using his friends phone to talk to me a yr ago) she said when he replied it was as ir he didnt wan to talk to her, If thats ture ...can u tell me why please i really want to know... btw she diss the ex reallly bad!!! I cant ven write it but he toled me time and time again he does'nt deal with his ex they only call to each otherThis boy is the world in my teenage eye's. That's why I wanted you to read my last post so you'd understand more. I've only talked to ohthers boys when he stops talking me, when I need time to heal and forgive him. In august my cousin prank called him and acted like another girl long story short. He denied having a girlfriend twice before admitting he had 1 but he said we weren't talking and that was a lie... when he found out I knew He kept calling me for 3 days straight... and by september I told him if anything like that happened again we'd break up. His ex is always questioning me about him. and questioning him about me, with this stupid grin on her face. Thats all i know they talk about. and as teenagers in my opinion they have no need to communicate. Plus she was with two of his freinds (relatinship wise,,,so... I dont think she's a keeper. soo if u read my last post you should were're still not talking. My phone's not working, so if he's waiting for me to call or text he can think again and the december is coming so i know am gonna bump into him.... ADVICE!!!! on the last post and this 1 please He's so nice I swear!!!!!!!!! He's affectionate and he makes me laugh.......WE've had so many goodtimes ..........but his aggressiveness is worse now and I hardly get attenion from him.......... I dont know if we're still together but we always make up...plzzzzzzzzzzzz help!!!!!!!

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Okay, in two sentences or less, answer these questions:


1. Is this guy still seeing his ex romantically?


2. Are you in a relationship with this guy, or not?


3. What, specifically, are you confused the most about?


And I am not up on this hip text-speak you kids are using these days, so proper sentences would be much appreciated.

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