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excuses when you ask for date but get number


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i been getting numbers but when i ask them out for date i been getting excuses like busy and next week. so i try next week and samething they are busy or some mid terms. this is frustrating as i have build up hope in believing i will land a date next week but nope


what i do is after the first excuse i just tell them -oh ok great just give me a text when your free and lets get coffee---that way i dont chase them which is frustrating and they have choice to text or call me back if wanted to. but i find most or any if ever text or call back


any suggestions for excuses when you ask them on a date and you get excuse and excuse when you try another time.


i had a few i created long coversations like 10 min and samething. yea most say you gotta create more attraction but i do

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it's really a numbers game, if she's really attracted to you she'll make it easy for you to go on a date with her, if she's putting up obstacles there's some other priorities that are more important than getting to know you. stuff happens.


don't let it get your hopes down: i don't know what environment you're getting these numbers in but it can have a lot to do with it

for example numbers in a club or bar (alcohol influenced environments) are more likely to be bad leads where they won't respond or they'll just not meet up.


in any case, what i do is:

1) get the number

2) shoot them a text saying "nice to meet you, i'll call you X day of the week"

3) call on that day (if she answers great, if not call again after a few more days, if there's no answer again, abort and on to the next girl)

4) assuming she answered talk for 5 - 10 min or so (never more), setup a date for a few days away (example: call monday setup a date for thursday), if she gave an excuse give it 1 week and then try again if she gives another excuse say something along the lines of "hey i find you really attractive and i'd like to get to know you better, if you change your mind let me know" walk away and never look back (don't feel bad and don't take it personally it's a numbers game)

5) assuming she accepted go on the date


2 personal stories of me walking away and it working out:


- 3 years ago when I met my ex I called her, no answer, then I sent her a text saying ("This is X I had a great time with you last night, I'd love to repeat it and get to know you better." I left my first and last name intentionally) and she added me on facebook, so we started talking on fb and what not, but it was always me initiating convos, I never really offered to meet up because I didn't feel right about it, so I said "listen I won't bite but I'm just not going to be starting up any more convos with you, if you change your mind you know how to find me" (20 some odd days later she reached out, and we started meeting up till we eventually dated for a year and a half)


- this year i met a girl at a town festival, i texted her the text the day after, she didn't respond.... 10 days later she responds lol i was at a loss for words, we've now been in a friends with benefits situation since August

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Most women give their numbers because they're too nice to say no...

It's a lot easier to blow off a guy VIA text than turn him down in person.


that's 1 reason they give it to you, but often times even if you're making out with them or even slept with them they can still give you the number and not respond.


there's a million reasons, not just a "they're too nice to say no" some reasons include:

- they have a boyfriend

- they were under the influence

- in the moment they were into you but now it's a "meh" feeling

- they think you want them just for sex because you went so far as doing X, Y, Z the first night so they think you think it's an easy lay

- the list goes on


doesn't matter in the end because you'll never know (though I have run into these situations), ultimately who cares, it's a numbers game.

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