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Can you really talk to someone about anything?


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I always think this is true when I first meet someone and click with them and feel safe. Then after awhile I realize there are areas that are sensitive to one or both of us and the range of topics gets narrower. I wonder if this is true for you guys? I feel like I want to shut down and not talk now. I hope I am making sense. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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You're right. Though you can talk about anything with your therapist, with other people, there are always going to be some areas to avoid. We all have triggers and hangups, and it's only kind to recognize that and try to accommodate it whenever you can. It's just being friendly.

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Yes, I 100% agree. It's a great sign when I meet a guy and feel like I can be open and talk with him about anything but that does go away with time. With my ex-boyfriend I thought he was someone I could do this with openly but turns out he was lying, holding stuff in and venting about things I told him to friends and family. Once I found out, I did a shut down on the conversation. Like HeatherB said it's just being friendly and it's a good thing to be accommodating and considerate of your partner's feelings when communicating.

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If someone is not interested or does not have enough experience in the specific topic, they will have little to say.


There are certain things which are awkward to talk about based on gender as well.

Like this subject but talking to another man face to face about it.


I believe it is very rare to find someone to talk about deep topics.

But then again not everyone lies a life of past trauma which affects them long term enough to always empathize.


Lots of variables.

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