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Decided to let everything out..Here it Goes.

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Why does it feel so empty...

Theres so many thing's that i've gone through.. pulled myself through...

I just can't understand why, after everything i've been put through, I still feel like i'm scared to move on with my life.

You burdened me for so long... teared me apart.. again and again.. always holding on to me.. reminding me of how badly you had burned me.

Am I the one who's still holding onto you?... Why does my heart still ache whenever i think of you...

Even though i'm just a faint memory to you... Those years still remain the darkest and most brightest moments of my entire life. ...

How do you expect me to move on when you abandoned me here;

Even after everything you've put me through, there are still somedays I wish I could catch a glimpse of you walking down the street, so at least I know you're alive;

I always wonder if you're happy; I always wonder if you feel the same way I feel;

...like maybe I was the only one who ever really understood you for who you are; or have you changed?

You gave me no closure; I feel like my soul will forever long for you; search for you;...love you.

If there's one thing I ask God for, is to bring peace in my heart where you linger; Please free me from this sadness; this emptiness.. and fill it with the birth of a new love.

Please give me the strength to let go of the past and be open to new relationships; Please God. Please..

I also pray that wherever you maybe now, you're happy. Hopefully there's still some memory of me that you appreciate and that you respect me like how I respect you.

I just wish we could've ended in a better way. It just kills me to think that how I feel doesn't even affect you anymore. But what can I say, I'm a one man kind of woman; ..and you're just a multiple woman kind of man. ...but hopefully for those 3 years we've spent together, it showed you and opened you up to seeing the better side of the world.

...love you so much. Please be safe, happy and secure.

My prayers will always be with you NJC.

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