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Indirect Facebook contact

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Its been 7 months since the breakup and I'm feeling much better now. She broke up with me, that hurt more than I thought possible. Going no contact was so difficult, but so necessary.

I blocked her on facebook almost right away... I told her that I needed time to heal and that eventually I would add her again. She said ok.

Since I'm doing a lot better now, I did actually unblock her. But no way am I going to send her a friend request.


One of the main issues we had, was that I felt like she was in love with her best friend, Dan (lets call him), a guy she dated briefly. He is not interested in her in a romantic way, this much I know. But I felt like she.. like she was just infatuated with him.

Anyways.. when the relationship ended, I blocked her on fb, and I unfriended all of her friends too, except for Dan. I knew him before I met her, and don't have any bad feelings towards him.


I'm not now or ever really have been in much contact with him, besides the fact that he's on my fb list. Today, however, he shared my new cover photo on his wall. Where she posts on A LOT.


This was unexpected. I know that she's kinda "boy crazy" and no doubt is still actively searching for someone. Someone else.

I also know that she can be kinda annoying, and that Dan "puts up with her" cuz he's nice most of the time.

I think this was kinda a jerky move on his part tho. Kinda like saying: hey here's someone that wanted you.. stop bothering me type of thing. Maybe.


No doubt she freaked and told him to remove it. We caused each other waaaaaay too much pain unfortunately.

Even if she wanted to get back together..... thats a huge hurdle I don't know how we would ever surmount.

..This whole thing sure did bring up a lot of emotions tho... I bet she was pretty angry with him.

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Okay, it's time to block her again and unfriend -- or better yet, block -- Dan.


There's no reason to be seeing posts concerning your ex of 7 months -- OR posts on the wall of the guy you think she's in love with.


7 months isn't very long to be over someone and it sounds like you're still looking for some sense of connection to her and her world.... don't do it to yourself, it's too soon.

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