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I just felt lead to post, and I hope this helps someone. Is been almost 2 years since my ex and I split ( 3.5 years together). What a long, hard road I have traveled. To recap, I cried daily for two months, missed him with every thing I had. My shredded heart ached. 3 weeks after our break up, the new one moved in. She won't work, is a drug addict, lost custody of her kids, won't clean the house and is a user. He isn't allowed to speak to me, and the betrayal of friendship has taken me two years to get over.


Unlike most people on here, I do know some things about his life. His friends tell me that I deserve happiness. His friends ( mutual friends) can't understand why he is with her. He lives in misery. His drinking is worse. His finances and credit is ruined. He is in a miserable situation and is most likely reluctant to throw her out bc of how she will react and the laws in my state are common law.


On the other hand, I have a great career, have lost weight, am doing better than I ever did while I was with him. I don't say this to brag or gloat; I say it because I truly believe that what goes around comes around.


Also, I have a new man in my life that I really likes and that likes me. I don't know where it will go, but I do know that side of me that was buried for so long, the side that nobody but the man I like sees, is back. I truly thought it was gone forever.


Please know that it won't happen overnight, but it WILL get better. Come out the winner! I believe I did!

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