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Dilemma between two girls.


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Hey everyone, I'll try to keep this as short as I can..


Recently I have been very conflicted when it comes to choosing who I want to be with.


Girl A and I have been friends for over two years, and very close friends for at least a year. She goes to my university, has a good head on her shoulders, and not much B.S. going on in her life. She has been my friend through multiple relationships and has never tried to point me in a direction which would benefit her. At this point, although we aren't really talking much, she is my best friend. We recently dated for about a month, until I broke it off. Here's the kicker: I broke it off because I was thinking of my ex, Girl B, to the point where I felt sick, for the last week or so; before then, I thought I was 100% good to go. Here's the kicker: I work with Girl B (though only for a couple more weeks), so I'm thinking the fact that I see her a minimum of 4 times a week may have something to do with this. This girl and I became more than friends only about a month after I broke up with my previous girlfriend, and I think the reason I was able to do it so soon is because we were already so close to each other.


Girl B and I dated for about 6 months earlier this year after being friends for a couple months. We have been broken up for 2 1/2 months. She is not currently in college, has lots of baggage. I feel I have better chemistry with her, although this might be because we were romantically involved much longer than I was with girl A. This girl is definitely a better kisser than girl A. However, she has recently had an epiphany that she needs to start living more for God and wants me to become religious, for lack of a better term, and says this is important to her (basically a requirement) if we decide to resume. She also, after 6 months, decided that we should not have sex, citing religious reasons. I know it sounds shallow, and it may be, but this does not sit well with me. I also do not really have a desire to become religious at this point in my life. During our relationship, she was always jealous of girl A which caused several arguments, etc. I also do not particularly like her family. If I choose to try again with this girl, I also lose my best friend in Girl A.


I'm looking for advice on how to handle this. Help! Please let me know if I left out anything important.


Thanks in advance..

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If you struggle to choose between them, then you don't want either of them. It is as simple as that, you can write their pro's and con's until the cows come home, but you are not deciding what breed of dog to adopt you are deciding on a human being, and who you want to be in a relationship with. I would choose Girl C, the girl who has both pro's and con's but for some reason makes you forget all about Girl A and B and comes with no doubt or question about you wanting to be with her. Get what I'm saying?

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Not Girl B, because you've identified differences that Blind Freddie could see will kill it


Probably not Girl A either, because you dated her when you weren't ready, dumped her and are now having a dilemma between the same two girls.


You already dated her once when you weren't over Girl B. Don't screw her around again.

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It's obvious to me that you'd easily prefer Girl B IF the religious issue hadn't come up. But it did and there's nothing you can do. Girl A is just a friend...don't bring her into this again, it's not fair on her.

Keep A as a friend. Stop all contact with B.

Get out there and meet new girls

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Don't go there with lady B. Too many issues involved.

Don't go with lady A either. It sounds like you had her as a 'rebound'.. not too nice.


I think YOU need to settle yourself down for a bit and work on YOU.... alone! Get yourself together mentally and emotionally again, before looking for another relationship.. after your last relationship that fell apart, i feel you moved on too soon- which affected things with lady A... right?

Take a month or two at least to accept your break up, the emotions and get yourself happy again.. before moving on again.


Also... Lady A should maybe be kept as 'only a friend'. That way she'll always be around for you. Instead of risking losing her for even a friend...

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