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wondering about sadies dance


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The other day i asked a guy to the sadies dance (the girls as the guys) through flowers and this puzzle... and he said yes to me this morning. I dont talk to him all that often, although we have a class together and it would be extremely easy for me too. i just... am crazy for this guy, and im totally excited that he said yes. We are going to the dance with a couple that we are both friends with and i know we will have a great time, but he and i arent anything other then friends, and the other two have been going out for months and are really into each other. i konw there will be a lot of time with just me and him, while the other two are having a converstation or whatever, and i was wondering what might be some good things to talk about.




after the dance you usually leave to go and do some activities or something. and for the sadies dance, the girls plan everything, and what you do before or after the dance is supposed to be a secret from the guys until that night. i already plan to ask him this weekend when we go shoping for the matching sweatshirts ((nother sadies thing)) what kind of things he doesnt want to do. but i know that my friend and i will need help finding things to do. so does anyone have any ideas?


thanks a bunch

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I really think bowling is an awesome date idea, I took my gf bowling for our first date, and it was amazing, I dont understand what other people have against it either?, If you go to a good place and they have music and stuff, it makes it very easy to talk, and u just get really relaxed and your both going to have fun, I think that would be a good idea, people just can't over use it.

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