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Need Help for Making out


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my bf and i have been going out for almost 3 yrs. when we make out he will kiss my neck, ears, and breast, he also fondles my breast and butt. he makes me feel so incredably good, but i don't know what to do to make him feel really good.

I have asked him, but we are eachothers first and he said that he dosen't know what will feel good. I do know he likes it when I kiss, nibble on and blow in his ear, but other than that im clueless.

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Experiment! Seriously, since he doesn't know, you just have to try different things... Kiss his neck, rub his chest, etc. Since you've already talked about this (which is very good!), then be sure that both of you are open to saying and hearing that you find something you DON'T like... Do not be afraid to try, but remember to communicate what turns you off. Try not to let that hurt your feelings, just try something else...

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Hrm.. ok. Lightly claw the inside of his***

forearms with your fingernails. Semsitive skin = immediate chills.

I don't know if you mean first as in oral sex but if so here's some tips in that department. use a firm grip like you're shaking hands with the president. Let your lips linger on his hip bone before going down south. When you're using your tongue... no matter where.. alternate between using the whole surface and just the tip.

Kiss from the bottom of his neck to the bottom of his chin. You'll be so close to his lips that he'll be dying to taste you.

Suck his bottom lip.

Umm i've got others I just need you to be more specific in what area you want tips in.

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Well, you can still use some of those things Driz said (neck and chin, running fingernails down arms...).


It doesn't have to get sexual to be sensual... One of the best things you can do is to be S-L-O-W about it... Slowly running your fingers, slowly kissing his neck... Use your lips and tongue (mainly the tip) as if they were your fingertips...

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