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Is 3 to 4 hours Just talking good?


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OK, well the other day I went to Lunch with a girl from work, who I like. First time seeing her out of work. It was just her and me. We went to a cafe and had a light lunch and talked well into the afternoon, for 3.5hours to like 4hours. WE would have kept talking except I had to go to dinner with my family later in the afternoon. Is talking for this long with no awkard sileces or anything.


Oh this was not a date just lunch.

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I found the talking part easy. Now you probably know of The O.C and I love a quote from it which can be used for most conversations with girls.

Seth: What do you and your dad talk about

Summer: Me!

Seth: Uh

Summer: Its our common interest.


That is so true, women love to talk about them. This will then lead on to other things

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Yes, that is very good. Good communication is a start to well developed relationships. Sometimes you just gotta stay on a couple subjects the conversation because you dont want to start running out of things on what to talk about later on in the future. That is how people get bored easily. lol. Ask her if she wants to go out again. You are doing well. Good luck

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