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Harsh reality


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Look at all their faces glow, the pretty girls you all know. The one's who get what they want and still want what they don't have, they steal your men and break their hearts, with a "hi" or "hello" they've got your guy and wont let go. You see them coming down the hall side by side they walk standing tall, with their boyfriends arm in arm they laugh, they giggle, and they charm. Is this a curse or just my luck? Being invisable can sometimes suck, my point of view is not needed here so what's there to say when no one can hear?


The real world is not plastic or clothes, people have jobs to just keep on their toes. People need two jobs or sometimes three just to feed thier family. Christmas is coming so I hope you will give to those in need, to those who live. Lend some money, do your part, the world needs Christmas in every heart. Love your family, love your friends, money is just paper and gone once you spend. THINK ABOUT THE GIFT OF GIVING BECAUSE IT IS BETTER TO GIVE THAN TO receive!


***COMMENT PLEASE***Do you like my poem?

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