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Help me stop my friend from cutting

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i need help my best friend just told me about a month ago that she started cutting agian.. she told me she did it before in the 7th an 8th grade but back then we wasn't good friends.. an now she is my best friend she is like my sister.. an she showed me what she had done to her self.. an i just cried i thought it was all my fault because i wasn't there to help her when she needed someone.. i never thought she would do anything like this.. an i never had a friend who has done this.. i try an help but she pushed me away.. her an i got in a fight an i didn't men to say it but i told her to pick me or cutting an she picked cutting. and it just kills me to know what she picked.. i know i shouldn't make her pick.. i told her i would always be here for her an i will. im just scared one day she will do it in the wrong spot an die.. can someone please help me im knew at this...

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It's ok

I know that being a friend of a cutter is scary but they are their own person. What they do is not your fault. She has been doing this for a while. Even if something does happen its not your fault. The most that you can do is to calmly approach her and ask her to please stop. It may not work but in the back of her mind she will always remember when she goes to cut that somebody cared enough to actually ask her and not yell at her. Also, she has been doing this for a while I assume. I think that she would know how deep to cut and where to cut . After so long a lot of people become very good at making some parts bleed heavily without actually killing themselves. Itll be ok. Just be a good friend and do what is right.

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Too many people think that, in bad situations like this, they are being a good friend by not telling someone who can help, or that they are being a bad friend by telling on the person in danger


Your friend who is a cutter needs help very badly. THis is no joke, it's not just a habbit, or anything, it's dangerous, and it would make you a bad friend if you DID NOT tell someone. Telling a councilor, or someone about this is tough, but you can do it. Annonymously if you like. If you love your friend like a sister, than get her some help. Please


This really isn't an option i'm suggesting, it's something you need to do for her.

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jimbo10 i agree and disagree with you if she didn't tell it wouldn't make her a bad friend. Bestfriends1410 you just need to let her know that you will help her through it and that you'll be there for her. Even if you guys are in a fight. Instead of her cutting try to get her to talk to you when somethings upseting her or have her write it down. It helps alot of people. hoped i helped good luck. pm me if you need to.

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Hey. I'm sorry about your friend. I've been through the same thing before, and my best friend has had the same problem with me.


This summer a good friend of mine cut. I freaked out and started threatening to tell his parents. I didn't think before I acted, and I would do anything to go back in time and change my actions. I put way to much pressure on him. I just loved him so much, and I never ever wanted to see him hurt, but in the prosess of trying to help him, I hurt him more. He cut again. Then he started drinking a bit. After a while he started hitting himself against his bed. I miss him so much, and I still love him so dearly.


This year I started cutting. Things weren't going great for me, and I couldn't take it. Cutting was basically all I could do to stop myself from commiting suicide, and when I cut, it made me feel warm and relaxed, and nothing seemed to matter anymore...it helped me clear my head. When my best friend found out, she was afraid, like you. What she did was she made it clear that she was there for me. She would leave her cellphone on on nights I was feeling depressed, and she told me that I could call her anytime, night or day, if I was going to cut. She was kind to me, and she showed me that I could trust her.


So here's what you can do...be supportive of your friend. Let her know that her secret is safe with you. But also...something that nobody ever seemed to do for me when I was feeling bad...talk to her about how you feel too. Tell her things. Make her feel like you're not only there for her, but she can be there for you as well. Just make sure you don't lay it on too thick, because you don't want to bury her in your problems. Let her know that you and other people as well care for her, and would never want anything to hurt her. Maybe if she doesn't cut for a week or something, go out to ice cream or rent a movie to celebrate. Good luck

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all to familiar.


I was a very bad cutter in 7 and 8th grade, my good friends all knew but none of them said a word to anyone. Looking back, not only do i wish i never started cutting but i wish my friends told someone.


During the summer of 8th grade u cut myself...only this time i had an intention on dieing. I cut my wrists and locked myself in my room. i was deathly afraid of blood so i knew seeing the blood would make me pass out and it did. I dont really remember anything, just waking up in the hospital in the er. the doctors told me that my sister found me just in time. if i had gotten to the hospital any later. i would have died.


im not saying that if you dont tell and they seriously hurt themselfs that its ur fault, im just saying eliminate the chance and tell someone. its not an option, you have to let someone know

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