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how can i help my friend

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hello ,i have a friend she slip up with her boyfriend ,but know they see each others in secret ,she's not in love with him but she loves what he does to her body ,its semes that his damm good ,but she's 53 and its the first time in her life that something like that happen to her and she freaking out i try to tell her that it's ok ,not to worry about that ,but she's still not find with the idea that she having sex to have sex period .she thing it's not normal at her age ,i dont know what to say to her to calm her down .i just told her to be carefull with that game that i name ,call him ,like you call a pizza!!!!!! if someone can help me i'm all ear please i need help ,she's my best friend ,thanks in advance.i just want to assure her that she's normal .

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