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I have been through a lot in the past few months my whole world shattered when the ex split with me


I am now the person I was, happy with who I am!! I have loads of friends, built bridges with the people I lost and when I go out I have a brilliant time no matter what situation I am put in.


I try to be as nice as possible, I put people before me, give to charity, give blood, don't hold grudges etc I believe what goes around comes around but this isn't the only reason I do these things I enjoy them too.


Problem is just lately I have been thinking to myself am I too overpowering? I am not loud and rude but I like to enjoy myself and make jokes enjoy dancing etc... I am constantly trying to make people happy, I am always the gorgeous girls friend who enjoys a giggle and never the gorgeous girl!!!


The problem I am experiencing is the guys I meet out aren't as interested in me as I would like them to be they think I'm cute and a nice person but are intimidated by me having so many friends and enjoying so many things.


I don't want to change but I feel this is also one of the reasons the ex split up with me, what can I do? Should I really calm down and maybe grow up?! Or should I just wait and one day I will find the man who is suited to me because of who I am?


I thought I did find that man, we were together for years but he was always jealous of my friends and didn't like the partying side of me. What if this happens again and I end up being a singleton for the rest of my life?????

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Don't change because some moronic guys don't like you for who you are. If you change your personality, you won't have fun and you will just be miserable. Im not sure about other guys but I love humor in girls, it makes everything so much more enjoyable. Have fun with life, and be who you want to be. Don't change because of some idiot that doesn't like something about you. Its his loss....

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You seem like a great outgoing caring girl so don't change. One of these days a guy will see you and think you're even more gorgeous than the girl friends your with. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder afterall. Wait for him and have a great time being yourself in the meantime.

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