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Her mom caught us.

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Well for me and my girlfriend it was a tipical night, except her dad was away and her mom went out. So after a lovely dinner we decided to head back to her house. We sat and watched "Keeping the Faith" which might i add is a great movie, with a romantic flavor to it. The movie left us with a sense of love towards each other. We decided to go up to her room, things go very tender and spicey. She had put on some nice music and we began to express our feelings physically. Now this part come as a shocker, we where both half naked, still in the whole procedure, kissing each other ect. Than her mom knoked on the door, she has no lock, my mind couldn't register what was going on. Bam her mom came in, what does she see? me and her daughter half naked in her room. Very embarrassing. The mom didn't overreact, i simply put on my shirt, said, i'm so sorry. Her mom said, "I think you had better go home, i have to talk to my daughter" Its 2:45 here and this happened not 3 hours ago. I need help on how to address this to her mom when or if i can see her again. More importantally what do i say to her dad, am I in a world of hurt or what.

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I agree with muneca, wait and see what they say to her and what she has to say about the whole thing. I think they are probably going to give her "the talk", if they havent already done so in the past. It would probably be best if you keep a low profile for a while and see what comes of this, hopefully they wont be angry or too embarrased about it and will let you continue seeing each other.


Get back to us if you need more advice.

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A lot of it depends on what type of attitude her parents have. I was once in the exact same situation. I was very, very embarrassed, and to this day it is probably my MOST embarrassing moment. It's possible that, since it was her SON instead of a daughter, that might have played a part in her reaction... But I also know that her attitude towards this was rather lax. She felt that her son was smart enough to make his own decisions. So it really just depends on how her parents view this situation.


In reality, if you two wanted to keep seeing each other, they can't really stop you. I get the feeling that you want to respect her parents. But you guys are adults, and you get to make your own decisions. Sure, you may not be able to please everyone, but in a relationship situation the needs of the couple are put above the desires of those around them. And that's okay.


Good luck.

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i dont c the problem there, if ur both 19 ur adults and ur legal! anyway it is an embarrassing situation iv been there, my boyfriends mum caught us both naked one morning and she didnt even know i was staying. she wasnt that bothered- to my surprise(she told my bf that i could only stay if i was in a separate room) but things may have changed because its a long term thing. dont worry!

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my parents have caught me before. it was pretty bad but as long as you are really apologetic and promise never to direspect their home again, they will apreciate it for what its worth and you have to rebuild that trust back with them

even if its a letter or a singing telegram, you have to apologize. that way they think "wow, at least he's sicere and really cares about our daughter"

good luck hun

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Hun: I know this seems close to the end of the world right now, but when you two get older, you will definitely see the humor in this. I have a few suggestions and take which ever is more comfortable. You can talk to your g/f to get an insite of how her Mom felt and thought about this; that tends to make it a little easier to approach her mom-knowing how she feels. Or you could just go to her Mom and let her know that you were very embarrassed about what happened; and not just embarrassed for yourself, but for her and for her daughter as well. Then just ask her how you can make things right....well, goodluck.

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believe it or not, you will survive this! some parents are very suprising, and even supportive about sexual matters. see what happens first, and try to be calm and collected about this. it's her mum for starters and not the father, so you should be fine. i think the mum wanted to have a serious talk about conception (condoms, etc.), and about responsible safe sex. so don't worry, it'll be cool!


i've been there my self with my ex. we were both butt naked, and he was down south on me when his sister (which was 17 at the time) knocked then came in straight away and well, saw EVERYTHING! we had a little talk to her, and she was completely cool about it. in fact she was more upset she saw her brothers butt in the air! lol, it was a very embassing situation, but i had to laugh at his sisters reaction about his butt, not about his face being down on me! lol!

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