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I love my friend girl friend.What can i do?


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I'm just 18 (Male) and still fresh in college.



The story start like this. My friend, Sky find this girl call eileen in ICQ.

They talk with each other for a week then Sky just call me to go with him to a party that eileen will also attend.

After we meet that night, Sky say that he love this girl.I just smilling because at that time I don't have any feel on eileen.

But the more days we 3 meet each other ,play around ,chatting , we became best friend.Sky always say I'm eileen second boy friend ,I just say yaya what ever.

But I just start to feel that eileen is a prefect girl & start to fall in love with her. Although some of my friend say that eileen not worth for u 2 to fall in love with but in my mind ,eileen is the most prefect ,sweet, preety girl i ever meet.

I told eileen some secret that I don't even tell anyone in this world.

When we two together ,people around us think we'r lover because she just treat me like she did to Sky.

Why she treat me more than a friend sometimes? That make me confuse.

I just try to control my mind,my love so that I can't love eileen because she's Sky GF.

Until 2 months before , i meet a girl I call M.H.J .She's preety & i decided to go for her. I fail again & again when i try to start our relationship.

Until that time, I start to ask myself ,did I really love M.H.J? Or i just wanna forget about eileen?


I finally know that I love eileen because I think about her all the time ,in college , work & even in dream.


I decided to give up in this love ,& run away from them .

At that time, eileen ask me that did I love her & she say that we just can be friend not lover because Sky is her Boyfriend.


Why can't I love eileen? It's just because Sky know her earlier than me?

i still remember that eileen told me & Sky that if she meet me earlier then I'm her boyfriend.

Don't know that eileen still remember it or not?

Now, I run away from them but I still think about eileen all the time.

I'm so blurry with Love until I can't concerntrate in my life & study.

Sometimes ,I think maybe I just suicide myself will be better because it just hurts me a lot.

Help me pls.....

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I understand your problem, your in love with someone that likes you and would be you partner if the timing was right.


Dont feel sorry for your self, dont run and hide, there is something that she finds attractive in you, be that person! be yourself! if your gloomy and sad, she will pick up on those fealings and may scare her away from you.


The relationship she has with the other guy is new, and things could change, but dont sabotage, act as if nothing bothers you be cool, be fun, be happy,. dont act jeolous.

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What you cannot have is always more desirable.

Don't go offing yourself because of someone else, not a good plan.

Just tell her in the nicest way (don't do a guilt trip on her) that she is very special to you and that in fact you are in love with her.

Don't let her know that it makes you feel bad or if you already have, then let her know that you are ok. Then cheer yourself up and get on with your life.

Keep in touch. Be patient. If she really likes you you may get a supprise someday. You have a lot of life ahead of you. Be cool. Have fun. Things will come to you, lots of things.

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