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how to ask my best friend out


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ok this is my second post about this, but the situation has changed a bit.


basically i am guy and my best friend is a girl and i really like her and want to ask her out. she had a boyfriend but just recently broke up with him so i'm guessing now would be a good opportunity to ask her.


anyways what i'm asking for is, i don't really know how to ask her out. like i can't just be like "you wanna go see a movie" or something like that cuz then it would be just like a date with two friends. i want her to know that i want her to be my girlfriend. so i have to say something like "would you like to be my girlfriend?" but i'm not sure if that sounds good, what do you people think, what should i say to her? and how should i lead into the question?


btw i'm 16 and so is she, and i've never had a gf cuz i'm pretty shy and never have the courage to ask the girl i like out, but i know i have to ask her out soon cuz there is this other guy that i think might ask her out

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Hey WhatInThe


First off I'd be careful about how quickly you get into something with this girl, unless you're willing to deal with her being emotionally torn between what she had, and what you might be trying to start.


In terms of asking her out. I'm assuming that you guys hang out already. So if you were to say, "Hey let's go out for a movie?" it wouldn't be any different from you asking her to go hang out anyway. If this isn't the case, meaning the two of you don't always hang out outside of school, then you should just ask her to do something, and then see what happens after that.


If you do hang out. Then I would suggest the next time you ask her out, you say something like, "Why don't you let me take you out on a date for dinner?" Or some kind of question where you make it clear that you feel you're going out on a date, and not just hanging out as friends. And then when you're out, you pay for things. I really don't think you should say something like, "Would you like to be my girlfriend?"


But that's just my impression. Perhaps there are others with different opinions.

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No, asking "would you want to be my girlfriend" is downright wimpy. Again, it's always better to convey what you feel through your actions, not through your words. Your actions are what really ignites a person to feel something stronger for you. You should ask her out to dinner, but if you've been talking a lot over the phone, you should cut that immediately. Let her see you have other things to do, make yourself unavailable at times. It seems like girls really get more emotionally "into" someone when they're away from the person than when they're with the guy. Same goes for guys. Of course, you have to be with the person here and there, but not having them around makes you appreciate their presense.

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