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Need help making out don't think i konw how

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Im not really scared about makingout in general im just scared that i might do it wrong and get embaressed. And people i guess give me like different dicription. So if people could tell me like a step-by-step on mayb how to make or like something like that if anyone understands what im asking Thanks to ne1 who can



Also how to i post a new topic cuz it wont let me cuz i posted this

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well, heres somthing that may help you...


as an experianced kisser, i think that their is no rite way to kiss, a good kiss is just you and your partner enjoying the kiss. you may want to stop while kissing and ask ur partner how this kiss is going.


I remember my first kiss, and like u i didnt want to make a fool of myself, but once it started, i went with the flow, and it was fine.


have fun with it, but make sure ur in a private place because this eliminates the awkwardness factor of friends watching. also, DONT BITE...it may freak out ur kissing partner, if ur into that kinda stuff, wait until he knows you a little better.

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Its kind of hard to explain how to kiss. Its something you just learn how to do by experience.


No one knows how to kiss or make out at first. When you actually try it, it just comes naturally. Follow what the other person is doing with their mouth and tongue. You will get it.


Just remember that it takes practice to be good at kissing. People are rareely good kissers the first time they kiss someone. Don't worry about it too much and just relax, don't expect the first time to be perfect. Thats really the best advice I can give you.

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Dude man dont worry at all u will do fine.Your only 13 and thats the time all you kids r experimenting and stuff.it only gets bad once u get higher then 16 and u never have kissed like me.Because by this time your way far behind like me and everyone is already passed those childhood stages.Just do it when the time comes and dont let fear overwhelm you will be glad u dont end up like guys like us.

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