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My body problem - PLEASE HELP ME

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I am a 14 year old boy, growing into a man. although i say growing into a man i have a problem with my body. as i grow hairy and my voice changes, my penis still remains smaller than what i expect. im really sad about this, as i am already going through puberty later than my friends who have beards.... and now i am confronted by this big issue.



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Just don't be in a situation where they can really see you naked I guess if youre worried about what they will say? lol, I hear guys like to compare though... hmm.. Not being a guy I don't really know. But I can tell you from a girls perspective we aren't as obsessed with size as you all might think, its not that big of a deal!

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Oh, and the length before an erection has no corrolation to the length after an erection. =) Just by looking at your penis or your mate's penises right now really won't tell you anything. Unless if you're all masturbating together, only your future girlfriends will be able to know who has the bigger package.

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Dude im 22 and i still dont grow facial hair. Any hair besides the stuff on my head and under my arms is gone. Most women i have met like that stuff, so dont view it as such a bad thing. Besides size is only important to women not worth your time. Be secure in yourself, not your size. If you are confident enough and proud enough of yourself, you will find someone who loves you for what is upstairs, not downstairs

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Dude you are 14? And your upset you dont have a beard? Damn over hormmoned chicken these kids are eating. I cant grow a full beard yet and im 21. I have these bald patches Anyway I wouldn't worry too much about size, in reality by the time a girl you actually care about gets down there she will probably like you enough to not be upset by size. And if not your better off without someone like that. I was always worried during my youth because im not circumsized. I was afraid girls would be disgusted or whatever. I soon realised they didnt really care. Its not about whats down there as much as who its attached to.



oh yea here is something I always wondered. Is the 5-6 " average measured pre or post erection? I have no idea as I havent had the "luxary" of seeing many penises in my life

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lol - i wouldnt be upset about having a beard , gee i hate my sideburns even though they make me look a lot older. and ur size? i wouldnt worry abotu that either , just like it was said above, they girls who think size matters arent worth your time. Dont put yourself in any situations if you dont feel comfortable or think someone will make fun of you. I used to think I was small until I talked to a really close friend who felt the same way and we ended up finding out that neither one of us were really that smal afterall. Plus, you will probably have a growth spurt within the next year or so. My friend grew 18 inches! So just hang in there.

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