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What is the right thing to do?

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Me and my ex are friends, we have been friends since october before that we did not talk or anything like that, because we were still mad at eachother but now we are over that any ways me and my ex love eachother and i know i love her and she knows that she loves me. She knows that she can have me anytime she wants but i cant have her. the reason why we are not going out is because her parents dont like me so i can understand. the reason for this is because i was helping her with the landry and her dad came home early ever since that happened the dad doesnt like me. But we told eachother that i wont have another gf and she wont have another bf. Because she does not want to see me with another girl and i dont want to see her with a guy. anyways her good friend that is a guy told her that he liked her and she doesnt want to hang out with me and preety much she thinks that she has me by the palm of her hand. She promised that she would not do anything with him and not have any physical contact with him and so i decide to look for her and i do hes holding her in his arms so i just walk away. I told her how i felt but i guess she does not feel the same way so i think i should let her go. I mean cut all ties because im just getting hurt more and more. I do so much for her and shes thinks nothing of it or i do so much but she gives so little. when i need her she not there so its not the same, yeah i know were not going out but it just hurts seeing the person that you love so much be with someone else. Should i let her go or should i ignore her and let her come crawling back to me.

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You need to let her go. She wants to hold on to you while she goes out and experiments with other feelings, which is very wrong for her to do. All it's going to do is make your feelings worse and worse. If she said she wasn't going to have another b/f, then says she's going to go out with another guy then she's just stringing you along. Then she tells you that there wont be any physical contact and you see them hugging, so once again she lied just to hold on to you. I understand that you love her, but she's not showing you the same amount of love (remember actions speak louder than words). Just let her go, and once she realizes that she doesn't have her "safety net" (you) she will start to realize that she made a mistake. Sorry to be so blunt (or rude) but she's making you into her "fall back" guy, and when someone does that to someone else I feel that it's the most insincere thing to do to someone.

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