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Today's Topic ANGER VS LIFE


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I cherish every moment that i was beaten , tormented , rejected , cheated on and turned down for that have built a powerfull wall of anger and turned me from a human with a brain to an animal with a brain .




Life is bigger than money , sex , clothes , guys , girls , cars or houses etc

well to me it's who is going to conquer who my inner peace against life or my anger against life , i found no joy in any of the above anymore all i want is a small measure of inner peace that all of us seek and only a few of us ever find it's just i want to walk out on everything , i want to live with a tribe on some island , wake up , eat , sleep , thats it till the time comes

we are dying the moment we are born it's just how you fill that time up .


i wish you all good luck and peace . we all need it .

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