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Time for girls get over guys? Whats the verdict?


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Alright, I need to know about how long it takes for a girl to get over a guy that she really liked and fell for. There is this girl who was hurt this past summer by a guy she liked her whole life, since she was little. He broke her heart and now its over. She took it hard. This past August we kinda took interest in each other and I took her out. She didnt seem to be over this other kid though and sometimes seemed uncomfortable. She tried to sound like she was over him but her actions were telling me otherwise. I backed off, a lot. Is this normal? And... Was this a good move and when should I try taking her out again? She still seems interested and I catch all the signs that she wants me to talk to her, but I am still a little sketchy if shes not over him. I know this is a lot of questions but.......if she still sees him around all the time will she be able to get over him or not? Advice would be nice here.

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All the questions ultimately will be answered by her because everyone reacts differently. Some women choose to fill the void this girl felt by seeking out another man immediately, and some take a long time to get over him. I think what you're doing is probably a good idea, but don't feel like you have to totally avoid her. You could just ask her to coffee...nothing like a "date".


I don't know about the rest of the posters here but I see no problem with expressing the fact you're really uncomfortable being considered almost second place....but who knows.

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basically a form of social mind control to distract you from fighting the one man's war with life so once you conquer that stupid little chemical hormone reaction you feel in your heart . you are reborn free once again


This did nothing but confuse me. What the heck are you talking about?

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