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My exgirlfriend and I broke up about 3 months ago. It wasn't really my fault and it came as a shock and caught me off guard considering how great things were going. She wanted to be best friends but after that things just went downhill until one day she just went off on me and we stopped talking and ignored each other every time we passed each other. But since we broke up I think about her sooo much. It's hard to say how much I think about her. Recently we've started talking again and things are going good, she says hi to me really happily and stuff. But, I haven't talked to her in like 2 weeks, and I miss her so much. I want to basically show her that I'm the same and stuff, and have conversations like we used to, and i want be really close to her but i dont think she wants that for some reason. I mean, I don't know what to do. I know I should move on, but I care about her so much, and I know that if she gave me a chance it would work again. Even if she gave me a chance at a good friendship I'm pretty sure she'd like me again and then I could slowly go into a relationship. I'm afraid that if I tell her that I want to be close friends with her again shell act weird, it feels like I have to walk on eggshells with her. What should I do???

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Hi There,


I know exactly what you mean and are going through. I have and was going through what you are feeling right now.


The best answer to your question is not; what you should do, rather what you should not do.


For you to have any sort of friendship with your ex-girlfriend, you need to break away from her and live your life. Enjoy yourself and recover from everything that has happened. I'm not saying forget, more just to be yourself.


Only then can you be friends, otherwise there will always be a question mark hanging over whatever relationship you have with her.


Don't forget, she left you, so it is her that has to prove to you that she is worth taking her back. Whatever happens it is her that has to do the work not you.


I still think about my last lady a lot, but I don't let it stop me being who I am, or having fun.


Keep your options open, have fun with your friends, make new friends, enjoy life. You never know you could meet someone new.

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