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Girls, How can us men maximise our attractiveness??


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this kind of follows on to an earlier question I raised. There's a girl I see on a weekly basis who has a mutual attraction with me (she's told me), but also has a boyfriend.


Seems to be the general consesus that I should not try and split them up, but bide my time. The question I have is how do I make myself 'irresistible' to her in the mean time?


Girls, what do you find irresistible in a man?



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I hate to say this but you might be setting youself up for disappointment if you continue to think about this girl...she has a bf so it's probably best to just consider other women instead. I'm saying this because there is a chance that no matter what you do, she will stay with her bf and you would feel disappointed. If she really likes her bf, nothing you can do will change that.

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Yes. You should bide your time, don't try to split them up. You'll get bad karma. Well, I like men who are considerate towards myself and others. I find it attractive if they are smart and know what's going on in the news. I also like guys with good bodies, so if you need to, hit the gym.


But, I think the answer that you're really looking for is this:


I've been in the situation where I know a guy is interested but I'm not really sure if I'm interested in him. Then, I see other girls hanging out with him, and then I get jealous and will start flirting with him. (This doesn't always work though. Sometimes, I just don't care if other girls are hanging out with him, so I figure out I don't really like him!)


So, you may get the following effects:


1) This girl you like breaks up with her boyfriend and gets together with you. (Small Possiblity)


2) You don't get this girl, but you meet another great girl who is available instead (Highly Likely)


Good Luck!

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I agree that you shouldn't try to split them up, but you shouldn't really hang out, hoping that they'll break up soon. Because even if the latter happens you'll just be the rebound. I don't think you want that, either. Go out there, meet and date other women, and try to forget her!


If you follow my advice and try to seem irresistible to other women, women like men who are intelligent and can carry on a conversation. Women don't like guys who are intimidated by education or intelligence, esp. if the woman has those. Guys who are sincere and not players or just out there looking for sex are also the kind of guys women like. Guys who keep commitments, do what they say they will, and tell the girl how wonderful she is are also important. Having something in common helps be attractive and being physically good looking helps.

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Girls, what do you find irresistible in a man?

    "What constitutes a nice package, in my opinion? A pretty good size. I've been called a 'size queen' before. My friends tease me about it. I just like…nice packages. Good-size package-hehehehehehehe-es."


    What exactly does that mean?


    "Honestly? He's gotta be hangin' .... I like…nice packages."


    I thought that "nice package" might mean a whole combination of different things about a person.


    "No. No. It's just about the one thing. It's about the kickstand."


    -- Janet Jackson, link removed

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

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I agree with the others about this girl. Don't try to break them up. I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate someone trying to break up a relationship of yours.


Everyone is attracted to different things. Some girls find nice bodies to be irresistible. Some girls find good personalities irresistible.


I guess the best advice I can give you is to just be yourself. I know you hear it all the time, but you can't just make someone be attracted to you and you shouldn't change yourself just to make someone like you. Of course, the fact that she has told you that you are good looking is a start, but even if she wasn't with her boyfriend, that doesn't mean she would want to be with you. I think a lot of my guy friends are good looking, but I wouldn't want to date them if I wasn't with my boyfriend.


I don't think you should bother with trying to be irresistible to this girl. She has a boyfriend and there are so many girls out there who probably think you are attractive as well.

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If she's really into her boyfriend, then it won't matter how 'attractive' you make yourself to her. Plus, if you start altering your attitude or appearance, she's going to notice immediately and you're going to come accross as desperate - big time!


I'm not going to tell you to not try with her, because if you really want to, you will anyhow. What I will tell you, is that if things with her boyfriend are real, then she will probably feel insulted that you're trying to mess things up. She may even stop talking to you altogether. This is the chance that you would be taking though.


If she seems to be happy where she is, then the only fair thing to do is leave it that way. If she's unhappy, then you have a much better chance of something other than friendship developing.

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when i was younger, i liked bad boys who could live my life. now i'm searching a mature guy for a serious relationship.

so, i can say, for me it depends on ages and also needs.

i think every girl have their own interest. but usually, guys with good sense of humour are irresistible. once u make girls laugh, u're an inch away to sleep with her

yeah, it's true

btw, i agree with the others, stay away from girls who are taken!!

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Hmm, these are some nice tips I'll have to remember . Seriously though, most of these people are right. Don't go after this girl, who even if she does go for you, she will just be a rebound. Best tips I have heard so far that I want to say again would be just be yourself, keep yourself tidy and clean, and go find yourself the right girl (which is most likely not this one)

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First off, I LOVE my man, and nothing anyone anywhere (no matter how hot) did to get me to leave him or even just cheat on him would work. When you're into someone not even Orlando Bloom could get you to stray. If she's in love (or at least very deep like) you don't have a chance with her. And if you DO somehow end up with her, what does that say about how she might treat you later on? Just think about that...


But as far as what OTHER girls might like, its as individual as anything else. What attracted me to my BF is:


His looks (he is NOT my "type" at all, but he's killer cute and the more I see him the more I think so), his accent (hehe I know you can't pull that one off) the way he always smells so clean and fresh, and his calmness and collection.


When we're together he opens the car door and holds doors to buildings, and has a general polite mannerism. Other things include the way inwhich he values his family and treats his mom and sister (the way I'd want to be treated as his GF/fiancee/wife) and lastly it has to do with similar values. Neither one of us smokes, drinks, or does drugs and for a lot of girls that don't do that a guy who does is irritating at best... She WILL try to change you and convince you to stop, if you do.


IF I could change anything about him to make him absolutely perfect, I'd probably have to splice a little more X chromosome in there somehow, because all I'd want is more of the little things like calls mid-day just to say "hey baby what's up?" and things like that. I'd make him more into a real best friend as much as he is my BF.


Ummm... I hope you can use some of that. I didn't wanna type a "what women want" post because that is different for everyone. I'd never date a macho player type, but for some girls that's all that gets 'em going... Others want the "best friend you happen to have great sex with" and that's more me... Some women love long hair, others love short. Some women have a strict type and won't date outside of it, and others are more flexible.


Main thing for a lasting relationship (which I presume is what you want) is that there is mutual attraction and similar views on life and relationships.


Good luck!

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Justagirl20F you just mentioned how your bf treats his mom and sister...


TO EVERYONE HERE, do you think that the way a guy treats his mom and sister reflects how he will always treat his gf's????


My bf always WAS a momma's boy but two years ago they had a falling out and he swore he would never speak to her again.... The only time he did speak to her it was at her sisters funeral and she grabbed him and hugged him and said thanks for coming(trying to reconcile as well as being really upset).. he was pissed and uncomfortable but he said "not a problem" to her...


He also doesnt care for his sister too much anymore.. they use to be really close but she has made some stupid choices in life and has proven she is just lazy and doesnt care....


Could this be why he is SUCH A JERK sometimes???


Back on track... smelling good, being clean and tidy and opening doors are the keys for me....but I already said that...


BTW Orlando Bloom is a dog!!!!

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Ready or Not... I think it's a pretty good indication. For example, while I would never consider my BF a "momma's boy" it certainly would surprise the crap outta me if he could ever do so much as look at her wrong/disrespectfully let alone totally cut her out of his life. I'd have to say that anyone who has the ability to cut their mom/sister out of their life probably isn't anyone who's gonna treat you much better when the crap hits the fan. Sure, maybe if you never did anything to upset them they'd keep you around... But I think the way he treats his mom/sister in a conflict situation such as this is a reflection of how he'd treat his gf/fiancee/wife if there was some kind of big conflict (and there would be, in most relationships).


BTW, regarding Orlando Bloom... Meh. I just thought Brad Pitt was getting old already so I thought I'd try someone new.

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definitely the way they treat their sister/mum/grandmum is a great indication of how they feel about women. My friend speaks so highly of all three and buys them things they need without being asked it just shows the thoughtfulness and kindness he feels for women in general I believe anyway (he's a great friend too). I guess there is the family bond there though so anything's possible, but it's a start and attitude is very important as well. And a sense of humour and ability to laugh at himself too.


Smelling good is also great...although I don't mind if my guys don't have designer smells...just as long as they don't smell bad.

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The fact that my bf cut his mother out of his life didnt bother me.. ONLY because I know of all the horrid things she did to her three kids...


for example... when they were young children she had the three of them put into foster care when she wanted to move in with her new bf(they didnt have space for kids at his place)... they were in foster care (not all together) for a year... Finally they figured out what she was doing and they got to go home...


This women has done unforgiveable things to her children and I didnt feel like he would ever treat me with that kind of disrespect but now I think I am wrong...



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I think a girl is attracted to a guy that is his own man, does his own thing and is confident about himself but not too full of himself.


A guy that pays attention to the little things, like doors, smells, interests and generosity and being open and honest (big things too)


And it seems that guys that are seemingly unattainable, such as having a girlfriend/married seem to also attract women for some reason.


So all the previous advice about you going ahead and meeting other girls is the best advice. It shows you are confident and doing your own thing.


If you two are meant to be, then it will work itself out eventually.



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