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Do other peoples opinions influence decisions?

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I was just thinking about this today when me and my ex talked after church (you can find all the details in other thread I have posted), but something she said kinda stood out in my head. She said that all her friends really, really, like me (she even said some of them adore me) and a lot of them want us to get back together. But on the other hand I started to think that maybe she felt a bit uncomfertable about it, and that she doesn't want to be with me right now because of her friends. I know that we have talked and that she has explained herself, but I started to think about that because a few girls that I dated before meeting her broke up with me because their friends liked me too much (one of them said she didn't trust her friends being around me, and that I should be out of the picture). So I guess my question is, do girls get jealous/uncomfertable when their girlfriends like their boyfriend? If so, then why do they break the relationship off? Shouldn't she take it as a compliment that all of her friends are jealous that she has the "perfect" guy? Or do girls begin to stop trusting their b/f because of this (she has said she knows she could trust me to never do something like that to her, but she doens't trust other people)? Any info would be great.

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It's been my experience that people generally date who they want to and break up with who they want to, regardless of what their friends say.


I didn't see your previous post, but maybe your ex was just trying to say that you're a great guy, and everyone who is around you sees it too. Maybe she's just trying to be nice.


As for your other ex calling things off because her friends like you, well, that's just weird.


No, I have never broken up with a guy because my friends liked him or hated him, but that's just me.


Oh well, hope this somehow helps!

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Well thanks Annie for your info. As I said, my current ex broke up with me for different reasons, I only thought about this because of previous relationships before my current one where that was an issue (as I said, one girl actually ended things because her friends had a crush on me). I just wanted to know from a girls perspective, if friends having a crush on your b/f makes you uncomfertable.

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Maybe its a maturtiy thing? or a confidence/security thing? because I've NEVER bought that "I trust you I just don't trust THEM" line, lol. What a load of crap!


I don't know why she broke up with you, or what she totally meant when she said what she did... But if you're secure in your relationship I don't care what kind of temptress tries to seduse or "steal" your man, if he takes the bait he's a cheating loser. But I'm sure you knew that.

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