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She's never been turned on!

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I've found out that my girl isn't very sexual. The thought of masturbation won't even cross her mind. She finds it disgusting. She claims that she's never even been turned on before.


For some reason, sex is usually all she'll talk about.

This confuses me.


How can someone who isn't sexual want to discuss sex so much?

Is there anything at all I can do to at least see if its even possible for her to get aroused?


I don't mind her being non-sexual. I find it confusing.


Thanks for reading!

I would appreciate any advice.


(Tymiko no more)

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I might be able to answer your question from a girls point of view.


She is probably sexually inexperienced, and now that she has someone to talk about it, she wants to learn and know more about it. She probably never thought about it before cause she had no reason, or it was ingrained into her by her parents or other people that you don't do this or that, or maybe she just never knew about it before.



If you want to become sexual with her, make sure she wants and and ask her how she feels about it and what turns her on, if she doesn't know then ask her if she wants to try and find out.


I hardly doubt its a chemical imbalance, and it doesn't sound like there is anything wrong with her, sex is probably just a newer subject to her.

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I agree with Ravens_Folly because I used to be about the same way. Keep in mind that not all girls have a very active sex drive all the time. And if her sex drive lacks a little sometimes, then she won't feel those urges to masturbate. Also, masturbation can be scary for some girls, especially if it's there first time.


My guess is that she's just inexperienced and curious to know what it's all about. Ravens_Folly was on the right track.

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