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searching blindly


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Flickers of my eyelids

Lead my way through the crowd

I see faces

But no one matters

I meet acquaintances

But no one matters

I am on a mission

With a high ambition

To find the girl I seek

And the women I love

I search

But am destroyed

For the mistakes of my past

Will haunt me in a harsh wrath

I am searching blind

And blindly searching

Without them I will be lost forever

I cry tears of crimson blood

For I will not see my life grow into a beautiful flower\

With my beautiful woman


I am a shame

And I am a mess

mysitc rivers will lead me to love..

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I like "I cry tears of blood." To me its to the point, it gives me the image.


Maybe you could say what kind of blood, is it watery, or is it thick? dark or light? Gushing amount or just drips? I dunno... just crimson, I find it to be a forced word (because I never use crimson in my vocabulary).


Again I think poetry is your thoughts, not just to make it sounds interesting/nice.



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