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please help this cofusion


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Hi ya'll,


well i really didn't think i would ever be typing a post on here ever again, but i need some advice. I have liked Logan for a long time now and i found out he likes me too. well the thing is i get so nervous around him and thats not like me at all. i'm so worried i'll look like a dork. Anyway, he knows i like him, i write him notes all the time cause he likes them and in a few of them i have mentiond how i like him and he knows i do but he expressed the fact that he wishes i could explain things to him and let him know vocally how much i like him. i freeze up. he likes it when i write him poems so i've written two for him trying to explain how much i care about him and i guess he still wants to hear it vocally. and then he does this thing with his eyes and looks at me like no one ever has before and it's like a look that says i really care about you and etc... and when he does i get all nervous and he doesn't understand why...i feel like a dork! he asks me to explain things to him like why i get nervous and how much i care about him and i always say i don't know. i just dont know how to explain myself...


love Qtpie87

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Try saying, "You know, I'm really shy sometimes, I hope you don't mind."


If you're ready to intensify it, say something like, "The thing is, I get shy when I'm around someone who's good-looking and nice." Now THAT would be flirting. Then gauge his reaction; I don't think that you need to profess undying love to this person at this time!


Try and make your shyness work for you.


hope everything goes well

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