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Hot guys that are shy?? Plz help me out with this one.


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Well this is kind of a continuation of some other posts ive writen but i'm really stumped about this.


I've noticed that whenever im at a dance or out with friends the guys who come and talk to me are always the less attractive ones.


Now dont get me wrong im flattered by the attention but what i dont understand is why the good looking guys just check me out, they never come and talk to me. Or if they dance with me they dont really wanna hold up a conversation when i try to talk to them, or ask for my number.

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Well, maybe the guys you think are hot think they are ugly and vice versa. I say this b/c usually when someone knows their hot (as in they get compliments from people who many others consider to be hot as well) they aren't as shy b/c they know their chances for success are higher than someone who is ooogly. Just a thought...

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