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I tried fighting back..

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you need to tell someone about this. GO to yoyr school counselors, and let them know that first, you are being beaten, and two, exactly how you feel. I know that you seem to hate adults, but listen, there are plenty of adultys that care, and your counselors ore some of them. They will listen to how you feel, and talk to you, and help you find a place where people care for you, and you feel good about yourself

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Attitude. People your age are immature, and if you act like you're pitiful and upset all the time they'll take their anger out on you. First, cheer up, whether you're pretending to cheer up or actually cheering up, just do it. Then, go find a group of friends, if you belong in a group there's less chance of something picking on you.


Go learn martial arts or boxing. When they try beating you up, go practice harder and take your anger out on a dummy or a punching bag. Soon you'll be stronger than them, and they'll have to pray that you forgive them.


^^: don't pity yourself... ^^; fight.


I got picked on in my junior high. It got to the point where I took a broom and ran after the guy who threw correction liquid powder on my head so I can hunt him down and beat him up instead. I didn't make them like me better, but they sure stopped picking on me.


Some adults don't care, but there's still a lot that do.


If your teachers don't care (mine just wanted as little work as possible so they pretend to not see me being mistreated), go find other people's teachers. If you need the extra protection, hang out with teachers and make them your friends.


It does get better when people grow up. At one point they'll realize whatever they're doing isn't smart, and you're going to a prestegious college while they'll be working at mcdonald's. Then, they'll stop picking on you...

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tea thats awesome.


I remember being picked on by two kids every time I walked home from the bus stop. Finally one day I hit one of them in the knee with my clarinet case (it was a wicked hard plastic case). Well he screamed and limped away with his friend helping him. They never bothered me again and we actually became friends the next school year.

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i personally have never really been a victum of bullying. My suggestion is to stand up for yourself when no one else will. my question is are you afraid of fighting....if so try this if you have a big brother or dad or some older male figure ask them to teach you to fight if their is no one then watch fights at school.....if its the same person(s) beating you up usually think back and remember what they do find a flaw in their technique and use that weakness against them......sadly sometimes violence is the answer and remember never fight out of anger, pitty, or when your drunk or high youll get your butt beat for sure be a smart aggressive fighter if you do that it doesnt matter how experienced or strong you are you will have the upper hand also buy a punching bag or join a gym and practice if you cant afford these things as most people cant (gym memberships are expencive these days) get an old army sack or potato/ rice sack and fill it with flour and beans tie it off and use a rope to hang it any more questions im here email removed or email removed best of luck to you

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