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i broke it off and not sure if it was right


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so me and my ex were to gether for about 5 months. she lives about 1 hour and a half away so i don't get to see her alot, but the first two months of our relationship where in the summer and we could see each other basically every other week. and that was great. but as school came we got a bit father apart and she suggested taking a brake and not wanting to lose her i told thats not what i wanted to do and she agreed. so now (september, october) we talk every two days and see each other ever two months which sucked and left me unawhere of everything that was going on. she's the type of girl that likes to be mildly flirty and she was around her guy friends up there, this got to me and i told her i guess i was just to soft and let it go. so now i hear she spends loads of time with these other guys and is going out with them (dinner etc.) well this also got to me and guess i expected her to just know that wasn't the way to make our relation ship last.. so its getting harder to take and this long distance relation ship seems to go nowhere b/c i see the same thing happening for the next 5 years. so i told her i couldn't take it, and that i wanted to take a break, well she got pissed and told me that was it.


so my question to all of you who read this is, did i make the right choice? would it have gotten even harder when she graduated next year (i am a sophmore, and she's a junoir) and moved away?


thank you whomever responds.



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yea i mean things like that are soo hard...you just have to follow your heart on these things ..and it seems like your heart was sick of being hurt...i dont blame you for the desicion you made ..i might have done the same...it hurts just the same tho either way..but if the pain would have just continued and meanwhile you could have found someone closer ...but only u can know if u made the right desicion or not ...time will tell..some things just dont work out tho and you have to be strong and just move on, hope i was help ..hang in there

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