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Please help me my heart is completely broken

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Ok this is what is happening:

My boyfriend and I have been goin out off and on for the past few months, he hurt me and I hurt him so im not gonna go into that again. I do think he truly loved me though. He was my world I did love him with all my heart. But he cheated on me once and my trust for him was completely broken. He moved away, and his love for me showed more. I hated that partcuz it was so hard to stay in a relationship. Well 2 days ago, I was just thinking how much I loved him, but I couldnt trust him, so I did the hardest thing I ever did in my life I broke up with him. I needed a break and I told him when he comes back up here we can try again and he said no its over for ever now, cuz I was being selfish and cold. I love him with all my heart, its so hard to explain. I would do anything and everything for him. I truly LOVE THIS GUY WITH EVERYTHING I GOT! I hope he knows that. I feel like dying. I dont expect anyone to know how I feel after they read this. I want him so bad, but I cant stay in a long distant relationship. Please help

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I've been there and it's painful so I do have some sort of idea to how you might be feeling. I went out with a guy for a long time and he told me he used me. The only thing you can do is tell him how you feel, if he can't listen to you although it's not what you want to hear.. he's not worth the time effort or your affections if he can't accept you for you.. I hope this situation resolves its self and you find true happyness.


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i think you really need to focus on what you want and whats best for you. your boy sounds like a little bit of a loose cannon- you need to reevaluate how strong your bond is with him. how long have you been dating? were things ok up until now or have they always been like this? you said that you had a deep down feeling that you should break up with him? i think you should listen to your heart, listen to your gut. what does your gut tell you to do?

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