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Men- Do u want women to approach you?


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There are a few debates going on about why men should go up to girls and not vice versa etc.


Im wondering what guys opinions are of this? Do u like women coming upto u? Or do u prefer to do the chasing? Would it put u off a girl if she came upto u first?


Simply say"yes" or "no" and a short explaination if u want of why? It would be interesting to see the proportion of each response and the reasons why.




I would say "yes", I have nothing against women coming upto me. I don't lose respect for them and appreciate that they made the effort. I wished as many girls came upto me as me going upto girls.

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Personally I love forward women myself. I like it because it shows me the level of desire they have in me and coming from a guy who's level of self-confidence is not the best in the world that is helpful for me. Plus a huge ego-builder. SO 'yes' ... i love it when girls are forward and make the move........ that is one of the problems in my marriage... my wife NEVER wants to make the first move at any time...... thinks it is WRONG or DIRTY.... and i'm like damn..... so I yearn for that ... LOL...... I think in some ways its almost puritanical to think women should not be able to express themselves aggressively if the desire hits... I"m not sure I see anything wrong iwth that.. WHy should the guy always have to make the first move? Any by the way......... as a part of that.. I love it when you just go ahead and tell me what you want.... why play games and beat around the bush..... why not be open and honest and just tell each other what you want.


so "YES" here

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What if she calls first?



I started talking online with this guy on Saturday (from a dating site), we talked for a couple hours and had an awesome conversation, we were both laughing our butts off.


He said I had definitely piqued his interest and asked for my phone number, and he gave me his and he said he would definitely call, no worries.


We had both expressed we are jaded dating veterans, who are tired of games, and with online dating in many ways too as there are so many games, and women and men can both be rather undirect and too many times you talk to someone forever and click, until you meet. So meeting soon is better than that! He had been led on a couple times in summer by girls.


Sunday night, I decided to give him a quick call, as I am going to be almost unreachable next few days, and I know he leaves next week for a 6 week residency rotation (med student). I just got his voice mail (he may have been working a rotation or something too) and left a message like following:


"Hey (Name), it's (RayKay). It's about 9:00 on Sunday, and I thought I would give you a call as I am going to be hard to reach next couple days so wanted to see if I could catch up with you, so just leave a message if I am not around and we'll catch up at some time! Talk to you later" And left number as well.


Now, he did not call back (but like I said he may have been working) so I am not too worried about him not calling back last night, but I just hope I did not come off as pushy? I just know that I am going to be hard to reach, and he leaves next week as well as having an exam this week. I won't call again obviously, but what do you think? Too forward?

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everyone loves being approached. i think it doesnt matter who makes the first move, whether its me or the girl i'll still go out with her, if i like her. i dont lose any respect or anything. plus if its infront of my friends then it would look better then me doing the asking, so if anything...i end up looking, cos it shows that women are intersted in me and have a desire for me, instaed of it always being the other way around.

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yeah, sure i like it. i have been asked out quite a few times by girls, but most just like to flirt a lot and wait for you to do it, which is fine too.


i do n't lose a respect for a woman for making the first move. i don't take that as a sign of desperation or anything. it shows that she's definitely interested, and willing to act on that interest. i like to show my interest too of course though.

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