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Is this gunna work or do I need improvment?

Josh G.

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Ok, I have decided to just ask the girl I like out in a simple way. Ive been thinking of what I should say, And this is what I got, "hey, Ashley, I like you alot, would you like to go out with me?". I just got frustrated trying to do it not being so simple, but this right now is looking like the best approach, anything I should change, add or take away? also, should I ask her when I see her at school alone, Or should I take her on a date, and ask her at the end? thanks in advance, Josh Galea

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i'm not so sure you should flat out say "i like you a lot". maybe just "i like you" or play it off cool "i kinda like ya" or something like that. i just think if you say it too blatanly it will raise her eyebrow a bit. i don't mean lie, just personally i don't think you need to tell her you like her in order to ask her out.

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