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Is she fronting?

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OK, so i like this girl @ my HS. Her friends kept telling me to ask her to dances etc. Up until recently, her and i have gotten along really well. We've talked and sat by each other etc. but lately, she's been acting really really mad at me (just in a certain class). I've talked to her about it after school. i even told her i was sorry for whatever i did. She's ALWAYS said that i havent done anything and to not be sorry. She's told me that she'd been really stressed out lately; i dont know if that could be why she seems mad at me.


I just kinda dont get why she acts mad at me in front of these 2 guys but not in any other classes....the thing is, i know that neither one of them would want to go out w/ her and they've told her that (they both have g/fs)....She likes them as friends....she's gone to school w/ them for years.


My friend keeps telling me that she's fronting because in the past, we've been made fun of because people have said that we like each other....my friend still thinks that this girl likes me but just doesnt want to be made fun of. She also says that maybe the girl i like is trying to hide the fact that she likes me. Do you agree w/ her or is there another reason for her to act different?

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Stress can make people act really weird, believe me. But in this circumstance I really think she's using stress as an alibi.


She sounds really indecisive. Honestly what it sounds like to me is that she wants you to hang around until she finds out if these 2 guys will eventually date her or not. That way she'd have somebody to fall back on: you.


I'm not trying to be a downer about this whole situation. It's just, my most recent ex was constantly hot and cold with me. I knew he liked me, but his attitude with me was just... unstable. You aren't even in a relationship with her yet and you're already playing guessing games. I just can't stand that about people. It's horrible to go through, especially in a relationship.


If it's that obvious that she ONLY appears mad infront of those two other guys, I would defiitely be suspicious of her having feelings for one or both. She very well could be hiding the fact that she likes you. But honestly, if that's the truth, do you really want to be with somebody like that?


Just my two cents.

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