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HELP! I get enraged when I see ANY injustice!

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If anyone would like to add their two cents (I prefer responding via e-mail, but whatever), I could use the input.


For some reason I get totally enraged anytime I see any injustice. I just got done text messaging my supervisor at work in a heated battle cause i saw him steal a HUGE sale from one of my co-workers. He just basically said it was none of my business and i took the side of "if I see something questionable I can't ask questions?". But regardless I will admit I am freakin' enraged inside. Now luckily I have always been the kinda guy that is good at not letting rage affect my actions but it's still burning in me! Weather it's an injustice at work, something i see along the road.. anything.. i get enraged.


I used to work as security in a very criminally active place and although I thought I was great at my job (since I was able to control my actions and do everything by the book) I wasn't able to control my inner rage. Why do I get so pissed when I see someone do an injustice to someone else?


And yes stuff happened in the past to me. Someone broke up with me who was my first love i was with for 3 years. We made love for the fist time together. Then after she broke up with me not only did she refuse to be friends with me but even to talk to me. My personal feeling was that that was the worst injustice ever and I really think it started there. Or atleast increased there. I thought and still do think that she should be punished somehow. I saw it as needlessly jerking around someone who was inlove with you. Anyway that may be where it started. Anyone got any ideas?




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My suggestion is to learn to reign in your anger and rechannel it in a positive direction, because it could be a very powerful tool. Do you have a particular cause that is important to you...children/animal rights, consumer rights, etc.? Politics? Social injustices? Join a volunteer group that addresses these issues. Sounds like you could be a very strong advocate for a worthy cause.

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Know when to pick your battles also.


Reporting to your supervisor about his bad behavior will get you no where.


Remember that he is your boss and has many many ways of getting back at you.


I didn't used to believe in astrology, but I'm a scorpio. We like to get jealous and we bottle things in a lot. Anger is a common emotion.


Let's face it, a majority of relationships end up not working out. When my ex broke up with me, it shattered my heart. I felt many emotions, anger is a prevalent one, along with hurt. I thought of many times of seeking revenge, but in the end, this is the girl I loved. She had her reasons for doing what she did.


I believe in karma now, you see injustice and it will be returned to the perpatrator. It may be a long time from now, but their time will come.


I agree with scout and channel your rage into something positive. Anger is a very powerful force. Change all that negative energy into positive.

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If it is not your sale, then don't worry about it. Don't risk your job over a co-worker. Your co-worker would most likely throw you under the bus to keep his/her job. Your supervisor is right...just mind your own.


As far as the x girlfriend thing...there is always 3 sides to a story...your side, her side, and the real story. Can't say if it was right or not for her to leave you and not speak to you again.


I don't know if joining an activist group will do you good, might just make you more enraged. Maybe go to some counciling or group on anger management or something.



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I think that regular exercise is the best way to get rid of anger, also eating correctly. Those are both ways to get positive energy. Getting lots of sleep, staying off alcohol and trying to work positively with the agressor.


If you see him hurting others as if he is hurting you, then you are stopped from using your energy wisely. You need to be patient but firm.


If he ever does anything that looks like it might be hurting you in the way that you just saw him take advantage of someone else, go to him privately and say--I know that you took the XYZ deal from Bob and I am not going to let you do the same thing to me.


He needs to learn his limits. Watch him and document the things that he does wrong.


Pretend to be his friend. Remember this quote, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I learned that from Survivor.

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Maybe you should get into politics I mean if we had more politicians like you maybe things wouldn'b be so screwed up after all. Like you hate to see injustice done to ppl and I really wish I had to funds to do some vigilante justice but hey I don't so i focus my energy where it's needed. Try joining an activist group or a junior policial group, this way you get to help those who are being injusticed.

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