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Which do you prefer, Making love or hot steamy sex?

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With that outlook you are going to have a hard time keeping a woman faithful. Women don't always want gentleness. Some like being tossed around, their head banging against the headboards, and having their hair pulled. Maybe during their sensitive time, they may like to be treated a bit more gently.



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Yeah a little aggressiveness would do you right. I think it is easier and a heck of a lot more fun being more aggressive. You want to make sure she remembers you forever, and that she has shivers the next day(post orgasim) just thinking about it and needs to excuse herself from where she is.



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I like sweet love making in the morning and hot sex at night (late afternoon).


My wife always gets up before me to make coffee and put my clothes out. But she's usualy back asleep before I leave. I like to take her softly when she comes back to bed and leave her sound asleep after.


On the other hand calling her from the office and telling her to be ready when I get home is real hot. Sometimes we don't get back up.

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iono i personally think that hair pulling and stuff is just like disrespectful.Maybe if the women likes it but too me i think and feel if i ever did is disrectful.Maybe just like fast if they like that but none of that tossing around stuff.O yah and give me the "u dont know what your talking about because your a virgin" comment im rdy.....

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