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what should i do????

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well..........here I go again. I was in a situation with my next door neighbor. This link to my previous post explains my lil situation with her:


link removed


Anyway, its probably pathetic but i never really stopped thinking about her even though she hasnt bothered contacting me whatsoever. Well I noticed things are dead between her and her bf. Now after all me and her have been through ( her goin back and forth between me and her "ex", our lil spat about me being the "other guy", not acknowledging each other in the street ) i was wondering if it would be inappropriate for me to e-mail her. I know she may have forgotten about me being with her "ex" and all but I sometimes cant help but to think about her and just see how shes doing. I dont know but I feel a lil awkward about contacting her again. What should i do??

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Okay, tater_nutz. I read your previous post and your update. I know, it's so hard to stop liking someone, especially when you've had some history together.


My overall advice to you is to start looking around for other women to date! I know that's not what you asked about, but it seems like you would feel less anxious about all this if you at least had some other women you were kinda interested in.


When we focus all of our attention on one person, sometimes that's putting too much pressure on the situation, and every little thing the person does or doesn't do becomes a major deal. But it shouldn't be a major deal. We run the risk of creating an unhealthy relationship when our emotions rise and fall on the actions of another person.


So to answer your question: There's nothing wrong with e-mailing her, but again -- keep it in perspective! Say hi and be friendly, but don't go planning a date or anything. Keep it cool and see what happens. Good luck!

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