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So angry and hurt.. she went crazy

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Alright, well I'm still dealing with my ex who is seriously crazy. I posted some information about this earlier. The post is located here: link removed if you want to read it. Basically my ex has become a really shady person, even crazy probably. She's been flaky to me, requesting that we hang out and begs me to love her and then blows me off. She has my house TPed and egged because she "angry with me for hooking up with other girls." Later on she confessed to me that she was worried that she might be pregnant and progressed to tease me by telling me that we were going to get married. This girl is seriously insane..


Anyway, I've been trying to remain distant from her. I wanted to keep a level of contact with her since she mentioned that she thought she could be pregnant. I didn't want to have any bad blood between us when we have an issue going on like that so I remained friendly to her.


So we was supposed to have her period on Saturday night, and never got it. So I have been urging her to take a pregnancy test ever since then. She ditches school today and promises me that she's going to call and get this taken care of. She never calls and makes plans with her boyfriend to go to lunch!


I was very upset and told her that this is MUCH more important than eating lunch with your boyfriend. You can eat lunch with your boyfriend any day of the year. She then plays down the whole pregnancy thing.. saying that she doesn't think she is and that I'm overreacting about the whole situation.


Anyway.. things blew up from there. She hangs out with the boyfriend and somebody calls him and for some reason she thinks it's me. So she flips out because she thinks that I'm going to tell the boyfriend that she's cheating on him. So she cusses me out, tells me she's never going to talk to me again, etc.


Now I'm just sitting here totally destroyed. She's not worth being so distraught, but at the same time I can't help it. I know that we're over for good and I'm never speaking to her again - but it's hard to let go. I'm seriously considering telling the boyfriend that she's been cheating on him just because he doesn't deserve to go through all the pain that I have gone through. Then there's the possibility that she might be pregnant. I don't think she is.. she missed her period but she just started taking birth control and her hormones are all messed up. I wasn't surprised when she missed it...


Ugh man. I have never been so distraught in my life. Today I just seriously wanted it to end.

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she was in love with you, she aparently isnt over you..


Number one. She is not pregnant. women say that sometimes to get a rise out of a man, if she feels she hasnt gotten what she wants which a lot of the time she doesnt know what she wants in the first place. Tell her... straight up... GROW UP and tell her if she keeps it up then youll get a restraining order against her. Most likely she will relax, if she continues tell her, i will tell your man if you keep the s@#$ up... otherwise dont tell him thats more trouble for you in the long run. Plus the poor bastard thats with her... he will learn thats she has an attachment disorder.


anyways thats my idea for help. good luck... also let her know the egging of the house is personal property damage and thats a law suit waiting to happen.


Have a good one and relax, it is just a girl gone nuts lol.. you must have been just that good.


But anways.. have a good one and good luck =)



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First of all, I hope she is not serious about the whole pregnancy thing. She's been down playing it ever since, but I don't know if she just is doing that to avoid getting tested. I don't know.. anyway, I am doubtful that she is pregnant. I'm almost certain that the birth control pills have screwed up her hormones and cycle since she just began to take birth control.


Secondly, I am pretty sure she doesn't love me anymore. Ever since somebody called her boyfriend up she thinks that it was me and she told me off pretty good. I don't know, I am still considering telling the boyfriend. More for my selfish reasons than for him.. however; I'm am sure he'd like to know what is going on. I just don't know if he'd believe me if I told him. I'm sure that my ex is aware of the fact that I can call him and probably told him something to protect herself.


So right now we have zero contact, but this is just day one. I seriously don't want anything to do with this girl unless she seriously makes a 180 in personality and becomes a sane person. Until then, I don't expect that I'll be hearing from her anytime soon. Hopefully the whole pregnancy thing will blow through and everything will be fine.


In the meantime I guess I just have to move on again. Any other replies are welcome! Thanks

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