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A new feeling......


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Ok, some of you might have alredy read a post that I had before.... well, I had never expirince jeulasy(sp?) at all!! but today this guy I have been talkin to for a wild( I like him and he likes me, he told me) was gonna go out with his friends tonight(movies) and they are bringing him a girl!!! I got so jelous! Is it alright to fell this way, I mean we are not Bf and Gf yet but we are planing to go out and everything( I am a really shy person) does anyone else fell like this?! Is it right or am I just having the wrong feeling,I told him I trusted him but I don't trust that girl! I don't even knoe her and nither does him!

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I don't think your feelings are at all wrong. I think it's wrong of him to accept that they are bringing him a girl. If he likes you as much as you say he does, he should have turned the offer down and invited you. I don't think that I would even go out with a guy that didn't consider me his #1 choice or that he wouldn't turn down another girl for me. I think it's wrong. Your jelousy is totally normal and any other normal female would feel the same. I think even guys would consider that a "not so cool thing" to do. I don't think it has anything with trust. I think that him going out on a some-what date with someone other than the girl he's supposed to be hooking up with is just not a guy that is totally all for you. I'd tell him my feelings about it if I were you. If he were to turn the offer down, then I'd say you have a promising good guy there, but he's giving a red flag by actually going out on a date with someone else if you two are talking about being together. That's just my opinion on that...

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