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I forgot how to use my knife and fork

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My wife brought my dinner over to me, knife and fork on the plate. And I picked them up and I couldn't remember how to hold them. Whatever I tried, it didn't feel right. A couple of moments later, it passed and I worked out how to hold them. I'm only 22.


I'm on Sertraline for severe depression after having taken sleeping pills - which proved too strong and doped me up to the eyeballs.


A similar thing happened a few weeks ago while watching something with the wife. She insisted we'd seen it before the week before; I said we hadn't and we had a little argument about that because we were both adamant; I then went on to correctly predict the events of the rest of the programme - without any memory of having seen it.


Is this something I should be really worried about?

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You can get mini strokes at any age! I have a friend that was slim and trim and a competitive swimmer and she had 2 strokes at age 30.


Your medication might also be playing with your memory.


Go right away to get things checked! Either way you need the diagnosis so that you can get proper medical treatment or change your medication.


Before I read what your age was, I was sure you were older and had recently had a stroke. I have met people that have had strokes and their reaction was similar.

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Ah I used to work in a lab looking at the relationship between depression and cognitive impairment in geriatric populations. What the study found was that the performance of severely depressed, but otherwise healthy adults on neuropsych batteries (bunch of tests that look at memory, attention, cognitive flexibility) was about the same as demographically comparable adults with mild cognitive impairment. That was after they had already controlled for medication. In other words, these were really depressed UNmedicated older adults who had no history of memory or attention problems, but who were performing as badly as people who were diagnosed with a kind of memory/attention disorder. I imagine the effects compounded with medication would be even more drastic. I am not sure whether this effect transfers to people in your age group but I would not be surprised if it did. That is what depression does to people...


Anyways if you are really concerned about this, a forum is no place to go. You need to get see a family physician and explain your symptoms and if they are deemed serious enough, get referred to a neuropsychologist or another specialist to get assessed.

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