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Is he interested in me!?!? HELP!!! (long)

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Ok so i'm 18 years old and i'm in college. at the beginning of september when we moved into our residences some guy in the halls said hi to me and we kinda started talking. i found out that he didnt live there, but went to the school, and is best friends with the guys who live next door to me. we exchanged e-mails, and we kinda talked throughout the night. the next day when we were online, he messaged me immedeately, & a few days later, when i saw him in person, he came right up to me and talked to me. but i was kinda in a bad mood so i probably didnt send off any signs that i liked him.


throughout the next few weeks, i would talk to him a bit online, and he'd message me occasionally. then i saw him once again when walking to class, and he stopped for a minute. i thought i saw him looking me up & down so i figured that could have been a signal from him.


as the weeks went by, he stopped messaging me as much, but we still talk occasionally online. i saw a friend of his and stopped to talk to his friend, and the guy came up. he didnt say a whole lot, but it seemed like he was smiling. a few days after that, i saw him in the halls and we both said hey. i dont think he was gonna stop, but i stopped to talk to him for a minute and it was kinda awkward. he didnt say too much, i think he was smiling a bit, and he turned his head away from me once when we talked. he just didnt seem too social.


i dont know what to do about this guy. i'm attracted to him, and i think he WAS attracted to me, but now i dunno anymore. i dont see him too often, and when i do, the only types of conversations we can have are really short and not too personal. i dont wanna message him online too much cuz i dont wanna sound obsessed. but i really would like to get to know him better!!! please help!!! do u think he likes me or not?????

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Hmm well, it could just be that he was trying to be friendly because you were new and everything. It could also be that he liked you. I couldn't tell you much about what a woman was thinking but with this guy I'd have to say that he might not have been head over heals with you but he might go out with you. I don't know about now though, maybe you waited too long. Try to talk to him more and bump into him more and stuff. Try to get some interesting convo going from your side. If he sees that you are interesting he might get interested again. Especially if he thought you weren't interested he can see that you are. And don't worry about looking foolish...in the end who really cares?

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